"Thank you Gaynell!  You did a great job dealing with a tough topic and I think you helped the campers make some very personal connections to the enslaved women’s life experience." 
                                                                              -Patricia C. 

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"Teaching and interpreting slavery to children isn't an easy task; 
however, it's what I was born to do."

"I thought that your presentation was very interesting.           Your energy and enthusiasm on the subject was contagious! We’re extremely interested in further research." 
                                                  -Kioka W.

Interactive History Lessons

Mammy's was created to facilitate lessons for all learners.  Through facilitated interactive lessons, children engage, construct, and learn difficult topics such as slavery, emancipation, reconstruction, and freedom for all.  Young audiences will become immersed in themes of self-sufficiency, strength, tenacity, and courage. ​ 

Participants are invited to learn about the lives of Louisiana's Mammies. ​Stories are heart-felt and relevant to Louisiana and American History.

During customized presentations, students will examine artifacts, interpret evidence, and participate in various hands-on activities. Programs include:

  • Genealogy Sleuthing with Mammy's is an interactive program  designed to introduce children to family history.  Participants will develop a portion of their family tree, look for clues, and uncover  evidence from artifacts. 

  • Churning & Learning from the eventful kitchen of Mammy Annabelle, Lila learns how to make butter with her grandmother. She was very excited until she learned it was a lot of hard work.  Mammy Annabelle was delighted to learn about Lila's secret. It all unfolds as they were churning and learning about life in Louisiana. Program includes storytelling & a butter making activity.

  • My Mammies: Let's talk about slavery! Listen to the inspiring stories of the Louisiana women who lived on a plantation in Louisiana.   Seasonally, participants are invited to partake in chores and the children of the plantation.    Perfect for Women’s History and Black History Months! Trust us they can handle this topic as presented by Mammy’s.

  • Perseverance Wagon: From Slavery to Emancipation experience life in Louisiana during the 18th & 19th century.  This program is perfect for festivals and larger settings.  Program  includes artifact exploration, historical games, outdoor cooking, storytelling, craft making, and more.  

Mammy's has provided kids activities for local festivals such as  Juneteenth, Congo Square Rhythms  and Louisiana Cajun- Zydeco.  

Engagements can be facilitated in classrooms, libraries, community center, home, church, museum, and fields.

Presentations can be customized to meet department of education standards and girl scout patch requirements. 

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