"Attended genealogy session re researching African American ancestry at the Westbank Regional Library yesterday. Sister & I had just begun exploring a little. We found the session and Gaynell Brady the presenter, very informative, interesting and entertaining. "

-Corliss S​

In-depth presentations about African American genealogy. Perfect for larger settings.

"That was a great presentation you gave.

The audience loved it. And to draw 30+ attendees, on a sunny, Sunday afternoon, during Mardi Gras season, is just terrific. Thank you many times over for doing the presentation." 
                          -Don Costello, Algiers Historical Society 


"I so much enjoyed working with you and having you present your knowledge on African American genealogy to our classes. The same goes for the other ethnic classes. We have a lot to be thankful for; 5 years, 100 classes, 8,000 attendees and not one complaint or incident. God Bless, and as we say in Italian

 Buon Natale."

Hands-on genealogy workshops with

 step by step instructions


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"I truly enjoyed your detailed presentation... Gaynell has inspired me to find out about the lost roots that creates who I am."

- Sonthia C.


Interactive genealogy seminars to provide beginners with critical first steps

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Mammy's offers lectures, seminars, and workshops for novice and intermediate genealogy researchers

looking for their African American ancestors in southeast Louisiana.   

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"Gaynell Brady is an awesome historian, storyteller and lecturer! She held our attention and revealed interesting facts about African American ancestry in Louisiana. She added humor and valuable insight to a very painful past for Black people. I am so glad my Sigma Gamma Rho sisters and I decided to come to our Soror's presentation!"

                                              -Jacqueline S. 


"Gaynell has encouraged me to research my family history.  So often African Americans are afraid to research their painful past...Gaynell has assured me that it is worth the journey."

 -Sam B.