Museum Education Services

A museum is the perfect place to teach.  The galleries serve as interactive classrooms that embrace the usage of multiple teaching techniques and methods.  

Museums have a special way of taking historical events out of the classroom and bringing them alive. Learners, especially K-12, need to witness historical events and people in a comfortable, self-paced learning environment.  It is my belief that everyone can learn; however, we all learn differently and various methods should be used to accommodate every type of learner.  Museum exhibitions facilitate learning for all types of students. It is my goal to use the museum to present history to learners of all ages in a museum setting.  Museums allow free exploration without the constraints of curricula requirements. 

"I gain personal satisfaction every time someone walks into a museum, and understands a historical event better because of an exhibition or presentation. I am a highly enthused museum educator with 10+ years of experience in museum studies and professional development.  I have established, directed, and facilitated museum education programs for students, teachers, and families."

Mammy's offers:
• Program Evaluation 
• Program Development for all ages          
• Staff Professional Development Services
• Evaluation of education programs and exhibitions
• Project and grant specific program development